Lesson Plan

Date:___________ Instructor(s):___________________________________________ Grade Level of Students Being Taught::___________________


Title of Lesson:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Questions: What do you want students to know and be able to do? What knowledge, skills, strategies, and attitudes do you expect students to gain? What important content and concepts will students learn?



Guiding Questions for This Lesson:

Why would your students care or want to know about this topic? What "big" questions will generate discussion about this topic? What questions will be asked to help students focus on important aspects of this topic?




Learning Activities or Tasks

Questions: What engaged and worthwhile learning activities and tasks will your students complete? What TWO products will you complete to help students complete the learning tasks? In what ways do the lesson products meet the three Modes of Learning (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic)?



Teaching Strategies

Questions: What instructional practices will you use with this lesson? (lecture, modeling, demonstration, etc.)



Materials and Resources

Questions: What materials and resources will you need? Will you need additional people to help with this lesson?




Questions: How will you know your students have reached the lesson goal?