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Acoustic vs. Synthesized Sound Links

Timeline of Electronic
Musical Instruments

Digital Pianos

Electric Organs

Portable Keyboards

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Synthesizers and Samplers

Roland V-Synth Synthesizr

KORG MicroKorg Synthesizer

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Synthesizer

The AudioPlaygroundKeyboard and Synthesizer Museum

Synthesizer Terms Glossary



Digital vs. Acoustic Pianos

Creating Synthetic Sounds for Star Wars

Google Definitions of "Acoustic"






MIDI Links


History of Keyboards in General


**Extra Cool Links to Visit When I'm Done**

Understanding MIDI

MIDI History

Exploring MIDI

Standard MIDI files on the Net

Classical Music MIDI files

(lots of sounds to choose from!)

Adding MIDI Files to a PowerPoint Presentation



Piano World

Piano Facts

History of Baldwin Pianos and keyboards

Another Electronic Music Timeline






About Brian Eno- Electronic Music Composer

Play a Virtual Piano!
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Famous Pianist Word Search
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Strange and Unusual Pianos

Music/Piano Jokes and Funnies

Test out some Virtual Drum Machines!